Vision, Mission, Objectives and Major Strategies


Sarlahi Campus will be an economically self-sustained, socially responsible and culturally harmonious centre of excellence both as an academic institution providing highly demanding quality education; and as an international centre for research developing and disseminating knowledge of national/ international quest and demand.


The mission of SARLAHI CAMPUS is to develop itself as a leading academic institution that will provide equal opportunity of quality education for all at affordable fee structure. The guiding principles of this institution are quality education, financial sustainability, demand orientation and equality.


  • To increase pass percentage of students.

  • To increase graduate employment trend of the college.

  • To produce technical manpower for the nation.

  • To achieve operating cost effectiveness of this institution.

  • To improve credibility of academic programmes offered by this campus.

  • To improve and maintain gender parity in service offering.

  • To increase opportunity of education for disadvantaged groups.

  • To generate practical knowledge of market interest through extensive research activities.

  • To disseminate ideas acquired in the operating and research process.

  • To develop national and international linkages of this institution.

  • To play supportive role for the economic development of surrounding community.

  • To impart community-based quality education, training and non-degree and degree programs to the people of this area.

  • To develop excellent academic practitioners.

  • To produce quality human resource needed by other institute and industries in this locality.

  • To develop as a Deemed University.

Strategic priorities or Goals

The goals set by the institution for the next five years are:

  • To develop the institution as the centre of excellence improving its quality of education in terms of both pass percentage and graduate employment.

  • To develop financial sustainability of this organization.

  • To generate and disseminate knowledge of national and international quest and demand.

  • To improve gender parity in education and include all culturally and economically backward groups in the mainstream of education.

  • To develop this institution to be a “Deemed University” (Autonomous University) of this region.

  • To institutionalize this organization as the centre of potential resource mainstreaming centre of this region for enhancement of quality standard of the local inhabitants.

  • To develop this institution as one of the technically sound centre to provide easy access of the potential students.

 Reforms Schedule

    Current Programs

  • Server installation for Internet access.

  • SARLAHI CAMPUS has aim to develop library as E- library.

  • To modernize labs and laboratory with modern equipment.

  • To enrich classroom infrastructure.

  • Teaching and learning activities is going on through Multimedia projector.

  • Subjective workshops and seminars are held.

  • CCTV Installation.

  • Power backup Installation.

Infrastructure Development  (4 Years Program)

  • Administration Building Constructions: By the Fiscal year 2017

  • Modernization and extension of existing laboratory and library for effective running of Masters’ level program : By the end of fiscal year 2019-2020 .

  • Separate Hostel building Construction : By the Fiscal year2018- 2020

  • Gardening & Flowering : By the Fiscal Year 2018-19

  • Extend the height of compound wall : By the Fiscal Year 2018

  • Filling Campus Ground from soil : By the Fiscal Year 2018

  • Construction of concrete way from gate to administration block: By Fiscal Year 2018

Faculties and Programs Extension within 4 Years has been Scheduled    as follows:

  • Use of Multimedia as scientific means and methods will be adopted in each and every classes for effective teaching learning activities by the end of fiscal year 2020

  • BBA and MBS Programme: By the Academic year 2017-2018

  • MBA Program: By the Academic year 2019-2020

  • B.Sc, B.Sc. In Environmental Science, CSIT, BCA,: By the Academic Year 2019-2020