For the well rounded development and  quality education, the help of associative for any institution is essential.This campus has  also many helping associate.Among them some are as follows:

Tribhuwan  University:

Tribhuvan University facilitates the campuses under TU affiliation keeping its academic quality in view. It assits campus to maintain quality by regulating  rule and regulations, conducting examination and publishing result in proper time .



Board Management Committee:

Each educational institution has made a management committee to bring the institution in strict vigilance and to take some essential decision for future. This campus has also a board management committee. Members of the committee  use to come to the campus to be acquitted with its current situation and to give necessary advice if required.



University grant commission:

University grant commission keeps helping campuses under TU affiliation throughout the country. University grant commission provides regular grant and some times provides economic fund  to construct infrastructure and to buy educational materials, book for the library and computer for the computer lab which helps campus to maintain quality .


District Development Committee:

District Development Committee of each district always provides fund to such public organizations and institutions. Sarlahi District Development Committee have not forgotten or ignored Sarlahi Campus anyhow.They have availed fund for the campus for its infrastructure enhancement and maintenance.


Malangwa Municipality:-

Sarlahi Campus has been established in Malangwa Municipality, therefore, it is the duty and the right of this municipality to maintain its requirement. Malangwa Municipality has also played a significant role in the progress of Sarlahi Campus. It has assisted the campus availing even small amount.


Teaching Staff:

Teaching staff are the personnel of this campus involved in teaching and learning activities. They assist the campus with their toil and time. They teach the students sincerely as far as possible. They work hard for the progression of the campus.


Administrative Staff:

Administrative staff fill the flesh into the Skelton of any institutions. Without the help of administrative staff an institution cannot move even one inch. This campus has been facilitated with some administrative staff to handle the administration skillfully. They are well-experienced, well-disciplined, Sincere and student friendly. They help the campus in its economy, administration and management in different ways.


Student Union and Students:-

The student union of Sarlahi Campus play  an essential role in the development of the campus. They help to establish a mutual understanding and co-operation between students and teachers. They always maintain discipline in the campus.



Other Schools and colleges:-

Sarlahi Campus is not out of influence of other schools and colleges of the district and across the districts. Basically they are the feeder schools and colleges which send their product to this campus. They also play vital role to conduct teaching practice and practical exam effectively for students of this campus.


MPs ,Politician and General People of Sarlahi and life member of campus  :-

MPs and politician of this district also play vital roll in development of campus as they provide fund for infrastructure and other out side support to maintain campus environment for quality education.Same way General people of this district still have a positive attitude towards this campus. They support campus admitting their children and encouraging pupils to get admitted  here. 


Purbey Software:-

Purbey Software in KTM helps Sarlahi campus by availing it necessary software for accounting and keeping record purposes. It also updates the office package software needed for the campus.


ideatech Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

ideatech Nepal Pvt.Ltd. Ktm helps Sarlahi campus by providing it with necessary electronic support & maintenance  of electronic equipment as well as designing and maintaining website update. It is one of the best associative for development of this  campus.