Facilities and Services


The campus runs in an appropriate infrastructure including tahara and other separate buildings. It has several classrooms, the students hostel ,the staff room, and the chief room inside its premises. It has also an another building which contains the campus library, the meeting room & student’s reading room on its ground floor and the administration room,the computer lab and the guest room  on the first floor.




Library is essential for each and every educational institution. The campus contains its own library in a separate building having both new and old books by different publication for the students as well as teachers of each level from +2 to master level. It avails books on time to facilitate students and teachers in their teaching and learning. It also provides reference books to the teachers as well as the students.  



Keeping the modern information communication technology (ICT)  innovation in the field of teaching and learning and the importance of ICT in view the campus has managed a separate computer laboratory facilitated with more than 20 computers and their  accessories along with wi-fi service. students can handle the computers as they need the assistance of ICT in their learning.





Not each and every, but some campuses manages hostels for both the girls and the boys separately. Student hostel is especially for those who are poor, intelligent and from the remote area. This campus includes a separate tahara and an old tenement building with some rooms having several beds.

Poor and intelligent student scholarship:

It is facility that every educational institution manages to assist the poor and intelligent students. It provides them with the continuity  in their learning. This campus manages internal exam every year to check the ability of the students and announces the name of the students who are valid to get the facility. For the poor students campus has developed some criteria , they get the facility of scholarship. The poor students include physically disabled , Dalit ,Conflict victims and other backward castes.

Comparatively minimum fees:

Being a public campus, this campus has decided fees less than other campuses from +2 to master level in  surrounding. It has limited the fees in such a way that even a student who is economically backwards can afford it.Their expectation and the dream of higher education is simply accomplished. 

Competent and specialized teachers’ team:-

The campus is led by a prestigious chief supported by many subject experts. They are specialized in their subjects and have gained a mutual and related experience required to teach students. They have become competent in their profession by teaching for years.

Teaching Materials :

Teaching materials are to facilitate teaching and learning activities. They are the tools to make teaching learning easier, more motivating  more interesting and lively. The campus provides the teacher with sufficient white boards, markers and projectors along with transparent boards to project teaching items on them. The campus even manages the repairing of these teaching materials from time to time.




Good Environment:-

Learning takes place in favorable  environment, i.e. the environment where no disturbance of noise, crowd and pollution as it is away from the town crowd and junk houses. It takes minimum and mainly bearable noise. Well-designed and well protected three storied building crammed with sufficient desks and benches with all the facilities.Students sometimes need to practices various games and sports to keep themselves mentally and physically fit for that campus contains, not big enough, not appropriate, but a seasonable type of playground inside the campus boundary. Beside it  campus have grand Saraswati temple for peace and meditation which can hardly be seen in any other public or private campuses throughout the country. Its sight, location, amicable teachers’ team and their teaching strategies louse both the students and the guardians.