Welcome to Sarlahi Campus

While there may be on answers to this relatively simple question, I Strongly Believe that the answer is ‘YOUTH’ fortunately Nepal is among those lucky ones having strongest base of Youth. This fact entitles us with a responsibility to nature these strong minds with quality education. I always feel education is meant to be realized and only then, We can have positive contribution towards our society and nation.

I am immensely delighted to welcome you to Sarlahi Campus. I am optimist that this institution will provide you a platform Where Modern education amalgamates with rich old learning and Practical implementation of acquired knowledge. The institute is designed to cultivate the young minds of today to competent professionals of tomorrows.

The college provides an open, caring and multi-cultural learning environment built on the core values of integrity, responsibility and dignity. The college has an unwavering commitment to develop it into a mega center for excellence.
Sarlahi Campus is humble initiative to redefine higher education through excellence, diligence and innovation. The institute is synonymous with ultra-modern education system, research based learning, global exposure and values culminating towards a new culture of progressive, knowledge.With this, I hope to Wish you all a prosperous and highly successful future which in turn will act as a catalyst towards a peaceful and a happy society .